For those that know me, I am normally the person who provides relevant information on Microsoft System Center products based on the large number of blogs that I follow. Recently though, I have decided to start sharing not only what I learn from the blogsphere, but also from what I learn in my daily workings.

To quote from someone I work with: “I want to be the ‘bus’ and deliver the information”. Information can come from others in the System Center community or from my own learnings.

So, why System Center Spartan (SCS)?
Webster defines a spartan as “a person of great courage and self-discipline“. I’ll add to that and say that a Spartan is a person who builds on that self-discipline to develop and grow in a number of disciplines. In this case, Microsoft System Center suite of products. While I have a number of Microsoft certifications, I believe that a person’s true worth is gauged by his peers and his ability to find out the answer if it is not readily available.

I’ll try and provide updates to this blog as often as I can, but if there is some lag, please have some patience.

Stay tuned for more information on: SCCM, SCOM, SCVMM and Hyper-V.