I would normally not write about Microsoft certifications, I’ll leave that to the folks @ Microsoft, but I thought that I would share something I noticed on two different certifications I recently obtained.

Early this year I was fortunate enough to pass the System Center Virtual Machine Manger 2007 – configuration (Beta exam). When I received my certificate (Charter Member), I noticed that it was signed by William H. Gates III.

A few weeks ago, I passed the System Center Configuration Manager 2007 – Configuration exam and upon receiving my certification from Microsoft I saw that it was signed by Steve Ballmer.

Should I be concerned about Bill signing my certificate versus Steve?

Apparently I am not the only one questioning this and the folks @ Born to Learn provided some insight into why some are signed by Bill and some by Steve…

If you are planning on taking any Microsoft exams in the near future just be aware that you may receive a ‘pre-printed’ certificate with Bill’s name signed (stamped) on it…

Oh well, it’s still a valid certificate.   🙂