Link to download Windows Direct Access documentation

Interested in learning about a pretty cool technology that builds upon IPv6 and may possibly eliminate the need for a VPN client?

Microsoft has released a Step by Step Guide on how to create a remote, secure session from the internet to a corporate or your own intranet share(s). Microsoft is calling it Direct Access and this enables end-users to experience being “seamlessly connected to their intranet resources (such as email, shared folders, intranet websites, etc…)” without requiring uses to connect via a VPN.

You can download the document here: Step by Step Guide: Demonstrate DirectAccess in a Test Lab

Please note that if you are going to try this in your lab, it will take a little while to go through as the document itself is 55 pages. You also will be required to build out a PKI environment so if you are not familiar with PKI – no worries, it doesn’t get too technical…  🙂

While working through this in my Hyper-V lab I discovered that you will need to use a Legacy NIC for your clients and not a synthetic NIC. Please keep this in mind as it may save you sometime and frustration.

Here is where you can learn more about Direct Access or other benefits inside Windows Server 2008 R2.