If you do not  know who Mitch Tulloch is, then you will know after reading his two articles on Deploying Windows 7.

Mitch is an MVP who has written numerous books on Microsoft technologies and is the lead author on the upcoming Windows 7 Resource Kit. You can download a couple of free chapters if you want a preview.

Windows 7 Resource Kit

Deploying Windows 7 – Part 1: Windows AIK 2.0 Enhancements
Mitch walks us through the enhancements in Windows AIK 2.0 and how to install the Windows AIK 2.0.

Deploying Windows 7 – Part 2: Using DISM
Mitch walks us through the Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool, otherwise known as DISM. I’ll share with you that Part 2 is quite extensive and Mitch does a nice job of covering both understanding and using DISM.

Nice work Mitch!