Ravikanth Chaganti just posted an update to his Shell extensions… here

This update provides a status window to show the progress of what you are trying to achieve – nice touch! This eliminates the guess work on if something has completed or not…

You can get the updated code here

For a better understanding of “Why is this important?” see here.

After enabling the VHD shell extensions, the following are available by right-clicking on the VHD:

cscript VHDShellExt.vbs  /Action:Setup

Open with…

To use from a command-line:

cscript VHDShellExt.vbs /Action:

/Action:Setup: enable VHD shell extensions

/Action:Validate: inspects specific VHD and reports validity or not

/Action:Mount: mounts VHD so that it can be accessed as a disk (cannot be performed if VM is running using the VHD)

/Action:UnMount: dismounts the previously mounted VHD file

/Action:Expand: expands selected VHD by given size (only applies to fixed and dynamic VHDs).

/Action:Convert: converts a Fixed VHD to Dynamic to and vice versa (see link for more info on actions taken by this Action).

/Action:Compact: reduces the overall size of a dynamic disk or a differencing disk (this is not applicable to Fixed VHDs).

/Action:Detail: retrieves information about a VHD file.

Kudos to Ravikanth for providing this script and saving some of us some time.