System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2

Having upgraded to Operations Manager 2007 R2 we set out on importing the Exchange 2007 MP and configuring the Remote Mail Flow Synthetic Transactions…

These synthetic transactions are performed using the Exchange 2007 cmdlet Test-Mailflow.

The cmdlet tracks availability and also collects latency data. Mail flow synthetic transactions are represented by perspective icons that look like a pair of glasses in the Operations console. They will change state, depending on the outcome of running the synthetic transaction.

First we worked through the Local Mail Flow.


Next we worked through the Intra-site mail flow.

Success? Nope, nothing happens, more on this below.

We skipped working through the Inter-site mail flow since we only have a single Exchange site.

Finally, we worked on the Inter-organization mail flow (a server sends mail to another organization/mailbox, which could also be used to send mail via the Internet as long as the recipient is able to generate a delivery receipt).

Success – I’ll provide a follow-up on how we did this.

Why did the Intra-site mail flow not work?

We configured this monitor using the template in the management pack and no results were generated nor errors.

On our Exchange servers no emails were generated and yet we can see that the local mail flow transactions function just fine.

Hmm… what is going on???

Here is a clue:

Health Service: Intra-Site

Turns out if you have clustered Exchange 2007 servers in your environment either SCC or CCR style – there is an issue where the synthetic transaction will not work.

The OpsMgr Event listed above is from one of our Exchange servers – this was our first clue.

Well you can get it to work by trying the following, but keep in mind the “downside of this workaround is when the target server is in maintenance mode you may get alerts from the synthetic transaction, but this is the only known workaround today” per Steven Halsey, MSFT, Moderator of Social Technet Ops Mgr Forums – MPs.

Steps to resolve this until Microsoft provides an update to the native Exchange 2007 MP:

  1. Find and disable the following discovery:
  2. Name = Microsoft.Exchange2007.Rms.TargetRelationship.Discovery
  3. Display Name = RMS Target Relationship Discovery

Open Operations Manager Command Shell and run the command:  Remove-DisabledMonitoringObject

Once the configuration on the agent reloads the synthetic transaction should begin working.

While the new Exchange 2007 MP (native to OpsMgr R2) is much better to the previous converted versions, there isn’t a whole lot of documentation out there on issues such as this…

Hope that this saves others sometime and I’ll share more on our efforts around the Exchange 2007 (native) MP in the near future.

Thanks to Steven Halsey for providing some very useful information.