Are you aware of all the free resources that are available from pre-built out VHDs to videos to MS Blogs to TechNet Social forums for submitting questions for assistance?

Run IT on a VHD – Test Drive Program

The Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format is the common virtualization file format that provides a uniform product support system, and provides more seamless manageability, security, reliability and cost-efficiency for customers.

Wanna know more about how to utilize Virtual Machine Manager along with MDT or Config Manager to deploy VMs? Mike Niehaus and the folks over at The Deployment Guys will definitely need to be bookmarked and added to your RSS feeder.

Or how to use Operations Manager to monitor IIS websites and ‘auto-magically’ deploy a VM based on a event ID to help eliminate bottle neck for a high traffice website? Chris Adams, a Senior Lead Program Manager, can help you gain some better knowledge about System Center Technologies and how to use them together…

TechNet Events: Check out the live events in your local area, stay connected to your favorite TechNet Events Team member.


TechNet Edge is a place where IT professionals go to get the inside scoop on the latest and greatest technologies. You can do stuff like watch screen casts, check out interviews with people who develop the products, connect with your peers and speak what’s on your mind. It is part of the Evangelism Network and follows its doctrine, so you know we keep it real.

TechNet Social Forums – here you can submit a question to any number of supported Microsoft products and get answers from the folks inside Microsoft (for free).

I’ll share more on the resources that I use in an update over the next day or so…