ForeFront Threat Management Gateway

I have to commend the Forefront TMG Product Team for getting this MP released.

Nice work!

It appears that for those of you who wrote to complain, compliment or other about the beta MP, the Forefront TMG Product Team listened. The enhancements in this MP include increased coverage and usability.

Discoveries include automatically detecting any new servers added to the array or if a new feature is enabled (i.e. HTTPSi) and then it will be automatically monitored as well.

Visibility has been extended to “add automatically generated array/enterprise topology views” – helping you decipher simple node deployment to complex / multi-node deployments.

ForeFront TMG_thumb

Events have been reworked within the MP to provide more granular discoveries for each relevant component (read = features).

Performance Counters while seen as an added feature to Event monitoring, are not enabled upon importing (mostly to save bandwidth and assure faster response”).

Compatibility: While this new MP will work (run) on Ops Mgr 2007 SP1 RTM, performance and easier customization can be achieved if imported into Ops Mgr 2007 R2.

Note: Use this management pack to monitor Forefront TMG only.

To monitor older versions use:
Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 Management Pack for OpsMgr 2007

Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 and 2006 Management Pack