Are you using the Cross Platform extensions available in Operations Manager 2007 R2 to monitor other OSes besides Windows OSes? Have ACS implemented as well?

Here is some good news for you then…

Cross Platform Audit Collection Services Management Packs for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 enables the collection and audit of events from UNIX and Linux Servers. Using Cross Platform ACS, events are collected from the desired Unix/Linux servers and stored in the Audit Collections Services Database. Audit reports for UNIX/Linux Server collected events are included.

Feature Summary

  • Collection of Audit events from UNIX/Linux server, including:
    • AIX 5.3/6.1
    • HP-UX 11iv2/11iv3
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5
    • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9/10/11
    • Solaris 8/9/10
  • Built in Audit Repots including:
    • Access violations – unsuccessful logon attempts
    • Account creation/deletion/password change
    • Administrator activity – su, sudo
    • Forensic – all events for a computer/event ID
    • User logons

Cross Platform ACS MP Documentation
Cross Platform ACS Management Pack