Just wanted to provide some general background on the equipment that I use in my lab and share a recent:
Oh yeah — I forgot about that…

Most of my work is done on a single workstation with an Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, 8GBs RAM, and the following internal drives:

C = 250GB WD @ 7200 RPM
D = 1TB WD @ 7200 RPM
E = 1TB WD @ 7200 RPM


When it came to the OS or hypervisor to use going forward, I looked at what I had at my exposal. Being that I have a TechNet subscription, I went with Hyper-V, it also helps that there is a little thing called Dynamic Memory coming with W2K8 R2 SP1 and I am patiently awaiting for this to be released.

While I was able to keep all of my VMs in tact (meaning I could have just re-used the ones I had build out before), I wanted to start from scratch and test out some of the new scripts to provision my VMs. Specifically I am talking about the WIM2VHD. I am not going into all the details (that is what the link is for), but I am able to script out my VMs in about 6 minutes (including some system config by adding an unattend.xml for to the .VHD).

So… After rebuilding my Domain Controller, Configuration Manager, Data Protection Manager and Operations Manager servers, I noticed that there was some lag between launching the VM and logging onto the VM.

After a short while I realizing that the issue came down to Microsoft Forefront Client Security on the host and not excluding files, directories, and drives from being scanned. I simply went into the Tools – Options and configured the client to not scan directories and drives that I specified (see below).











We all know that there are many different anti-virus applications out there and I am not saying one is better than the other — I am simply saying that you may want to make sure that what ever anti-virus application you use, make sure to exclude the directories where your *.VHDs, *.ISOs, *.VMDKs or any other files, apps reside so that you will not be wondering – ‘huh, wonder why the response time is off a little bit…’

Anti-virus exclusions are even more important for System Center Operations Manager and MOM 2005. Kevin Holman has an excellent write up on what needs to be excluded and it can be found here.

Hope this helps at least one other person who has come across something similar.