Link to Dell CAB Files

As noted @ MMS 2009 this year in Las Vegas, Dell has made available the Dell Business Client OSD CAB Files.

Why should this matter?

Well for those that deploy Dell workstations via OSD, it means no more hunting down multiple drivers and trying to figure out which ones to use… By providing one CAB file (per system) we will have a file that contains all the drivers we’ll need.

The next step is to extract the contents and import them into your driver respository (i.e. – MDT 2008, ConfigMgr, WDS R2).

Eventually you will not even have to do this…

Per Mike Niehaus: “Once MDT 2010 Beta 2 comes out, you won’t even need to extract the contents of the CAB files.  Deployment Workbench will automatically extract the CAB file contents into a temporary folder and then import each driver that it finds.”

Kudos to Dell and hopefully other vendors (i.e. – HP) will do the same…

Visit the Dell Business Client Operating System Deployment homepage to learn how to integrate your Dell systems with Config Mgr, WinPE and MDT.